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Operator training

Operator training

Duration: 2,5 days, at our customers' site during the usual production.
The agenda will be discussed with the responsible trainier in advance.
The maximum working time of our trainees must not exdeed more than 9 hours/day.







The participants get to know options and settings to be able to maximize the output of the machines for the applications.




The training contents are cut exactly on the interests and requests of the customer. The training should be carried out approx. 8-12 weeks after the installation of new machines.

  • machine adjustment for different products
  • adjusting of the parameters to maximize the machine’s performance
  • repetition and recess for theoretical knowledge about the Slicer parameters
  • analysis of the characteristics of the Slicer-line and of the adapting parameters

Certificate 1 and 2
valid for CCS with Touchscreen

To obtain the greatest benefit together, the groups of the respective machine-operators should be restricted from 2 to 3 persons per machine during the practical educations and maximum 8 persons during the theoretical courses.

If you are interested in this training please contact us.