Training Details

Operator training (at the customer's premises)

Introduction to the options and settings to optimise the yield for programmes.

Target group: Operators

Learning outcomes: The participants learn options and settings which optimise the yield for programmes.

Content: The contents of the training course are adapted to meet the requirements and desires of the customer. With new machines, this training course should be held approx. 10-12 weeks after completion of start-up.

  • Machine settings for various products
  • Setting the programme parameters to maximise machine performance
  • Repetition and consolidation of theoretical knowledge via the slicer parameters
  • Consideration of the variables of a slicer line and the influencing programming parameters

Qualification: Certificate 1 and 2, valid for machines with touchscreen operation

Registration: If you are interested in this training course, please send us your inquiry by e-mail at campus(at)



Duration: 2.5 days, on location at the customer during the production process. The schedule will be determined in conjunction with the respective speaker. The maximum working day must not exceed 9 working hours per day.

Group size: To maximise the learning success, we recommend that you limit the groups of machine operators per machine during practical training to 2 to 3 persons and max. 8 persons in theoretical training.

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