Our exhibits at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Advanced line concepts – for new standards in cold cuts production

One of the main reasons of Weber Maschinenbau’s success story, apart from its high innovative capacity, is above all that our product developments have always been oriented towards market trends and thus towards the needs and requirements of our customers. By integrating packaging machines into the Weber product portfolio, we have completed the process chain from slicing to automated loading and primary packaging. With being able to offer excellent and perfectly synchronized line concepts from a single source we are thereby meeting one of the substantial market requirements. For new standards in cold cuts production along the entire manufacturing process. Weber customers can expect fully integrated and flexible high-performance line solutions that are optimally adapted to their specific requirements and spatial conditions in their company.

Weber Slicer S6

During the past two years the Weber Slicer S6 has established itself as a high-performance system when it comes to highly effective and portion-accurate slicing of several applications. At the Anuga FoodTec Weber will be presenting an updated version of the S6 success story, which highlights its strengths even stronger. The new, optionally available vacuum grippers allow highest product yield, since remaining end pieces are reduced by more than half. So far unique on the market is the quadruple track-independent interleaver, which guides the products completely individually to the cutting edge, so that incomplete portions are completed and transported as required. At Anuga FoodTec, the S6 will be seen in combination with a new, extremely compact buffer system, the new Weber PickRobot and the VMAX thermoformer.

Thermoformer VMAX

By integrating packaging machines into the Weber product portfolio, we have completed the process chain from slicing to automation to primary packaging. With the thermoformer VMAX we are presenting the first Weber packaging machine. The high-performance thermoforming packaging machine is the perfect machine for the production of rigid and flexible film packaging for the food industry. The modular design allows an individual customization for your applications and production requirements. Particularly in combination with Weber Slicers and other Weber automation components, we can create outstanding line solutions that are perfectly suited to your company. The VMAX fits seamlessly in Weber's product portfolio thanks to its high level of performance, hygiene and user-friendliness.

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Textor Slicer TS700

Smart & Easy - this is the best way to describe the Textor Slicer TS700. The TS700 is the compact solution for creating different deposition patterns. Optimized output is ensured by a gently cut. Idle cut functionality of the cutting head and automatic shear gap adjustment guarantee optimum slicing results. In addition, the uncompromisingly open design will meet all hygienic requirements. Experience the TS700 in line with the compact infeeder Weber CompactLoader and the packaging machine VMAX.

Weber ShuttleSystem

The Weber ShuttleSystem sets new standards in food production and offers a flexible alternative to the conventional transport of portions via belt systems. Portions of sausage, ham or cheese can be transported in single units, precisely and gently to one or more handover points by the Weber ShuttleSystem. Whenever needed, single portions can be accessed at any time during their transport. Due to the high variability, the Weber ShuttleSystem is the solution for the creation of variety packs. At the Anuga FoodTec the Weber ShuttleSystem shows how space can be optimally utilized and the use of human resources can be minimized. Together with a Weber Slicer 405 and a Weber PickRobot the Weber ShuttleSystem will be built as a 180-degree line. Thus slicer and pick robot can be controlled by just one operator.

Weber Skinner

Whether for manual trades, medium-sized companies or industry – Weber Maschinenbau has developed an adaptable portfolio of derinder and skinning machines in terms of output and functionality. Weber Skinners have been providing the right solution for professional and safe cutting operations for more than 35 years. The processing of natural products plays an ever more important role, because products that appeal will be sold better. In view of this consumer trend, Weber has – with the ASD 460 – just recently developed a special fat removal line for loin and chops. Thanks to the camera-supported, fully automatic detection of layers of fat and pre-programmed lengthways profile runs, the ASD 460 achieves a productivity of up to 1,200 chops per hour. The processing quality of the machine is so good that manual, time-consuming re-trimming is reduced to a minimum. Weber has the matching standard and special machines in the Skinner portfolio for other special areas of application, too, which we will be presenting to you at our booth.

Pre-owned Machines

The use of a pre-owned machine can have clear advantage in many cases, for example in terms of short delivery times in order to maintain capacities and avoid production downtimes. Therefore Weber offers the refurbishment of pre-owned machines. Whether a complete slicing-line or single machines like scanners, pick robots, infeeders or packaging machines: the Weber Pre-owned Machinery Program always provides the matching equipment for your application. All machines are refurbished individually and customized according to customer requirements. The term "refurbishment" encompasses both the optical and technical refurbishment as well as the retrofitting of components and functions. Customers can always rely on proven Weber quality: Weber not only guarantees spare parts, but all machines are also brought to the latest safety standards. See for yourself: at the Anuga FoodTec Weber shows a completely renewed Slicer 903.