ALPMA Alpenland Maschinenbau GmbH

ALPMA is a globally successful mechanical engineering company which produces machines and installations for the dairy and food industry. Our Process Technology, Cheese Production Technology and Cutting and Packaging divisions offer our customers and partners a unique range of products – all from a single supplier – from machines which lead the field both technically as well as technologically, to the processing and packaging of food, to complete system solutions for dairies.


The WIPOTEC Group employs more than 800 people worldwide, over 500 of them in Kaiserslautern. Based on high precision WIPOTEC Weigh Cells and weighing kits, the company group offers a wide range of solutions for dynamic high-tech weighing and inspection technology for industrial applications.

ELS – European Labelling System GmbH & Co. KG

As a producer of labelling, printing and coding-systems ESL offers professional advice and support for all your labelling and coding questions. Our machine-range consist of the following systems:

  • Labelling and printing systems in standard and custom-made versions
  • Labelling systems for packaging and vacuum packaging machines
  • Direct-printing-systems for packaging and vacuum packaging machines
  • Thermo- / thermo-transfer-printing-systems
  • Label-design-software Moreover you will find an appropriate partner for the whole area of spare parts for labelling and printing systems (also for foreign brands) as well as wear parts.

Ergo.fol Norflex GmbH

Norflex Interleaver is a biaxially orientated polystyrene film available in crystal clear, milky, mat and white; in smooth or embossed quality. Norflex Interleavers are increacingly used as interlaying, seperating film for high performance slicers in the cheese or ham industry.

Coveris Flexibles Deutschland GmbH

COVERIS is an international market leader in the production of individual packaging solutions. The company is an established market leader in the development, production and procurement of flexible and plastic and paper packaging for various consumers and industrial end-customer markets.

Poly-clip System GmbH & Co. KG

Poly-clip System is the world's leading manufacturer of clip closure packaging and stands for innovation, reliability and safety with the highest standards of efficiency. The packaging system is specially used in the food industry. Besides sausage and ham products particularly dairy products are the most important application.

VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

Using the VEMAG machines allow you to produce individual when it comes to introducing new product ideas in the cheese segment. The concept is to establish fillers and attachments that can be flexibly adapted to specific user requirements - from artisan producers to the industries.

Wente & Thiedig GmbH

Quality control, process control, packaging control – our current Quality Scanner is capable of all of this and more. Whether you want to determine the product volume or orientation, evaluate the appearance of your product or check the imprint of your package: Using ONE solution for all these tasks can significantly reduce your effort.

Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik GmbH

Pulsotronic presents complete secondary packaging solutions after the thermoforming machine. An intelligently linked up "End of Line" modular concept enables customer-specific automation solutions with a contractually guaranteed rationalization potential. One contact for complex solutions!

Print Cheese

Innovative technology offers new concepts with cheese: Print Cheese prints with Gouda farmer cheese. Is 3D food printing a hype or a trend? What does 3D food printing mean for your business? Print Cheese takes you to the world of Food Printing – maybe something for you?


ELTEN specialises in the treatment, handling and processing of cheese and has an extensive product portfolio. Years of experience in the cheese industry, combined with continuous innovation and improvement leads to effective and innovative solutions like equipment for automatic feeding, bag removal and cutting cheese for Slicing.


Supplier of high-end equipment and distinctive packaging solutions. Expert in the field of reclosability and MAP packaging for sliced meat and cheese. With already more than 10 different reclosable packaging styles Omori Europe keeps innovating to fulfil each demand.


Their knowledge, experience and good work has made it possible for Viscofan to become a multinational leader in its sector. Viscofan offers the widest range of casings: Cellulose, Collagen, Fibrous and Plastic. We want all of our products to be perfect, which is why we take care of every last detail to ensure our clients receive a product of the very highest quality, safe and that is adapted to their needs. Nanopack plastic films are interleavers for separation of sliced food as enhancer of visual feature and presentation of your product. The films are excellent machinability in fast and standard cutting machines. Polystyrene film is suitable for better resistance and appropriate mechanical features for different slicing speeds and performance types. Antistatic properties providing exceptionally easy separation of the product from interleaver even when they are deep frozen.


Cheese-debarking machine AMS 533

The AMS 533 cheese-debarking machine meets high standards in the industrial removal of cheese rind in round or square blocks of cheese with an optimum yield. Cheese rind from soft to firm can be removed with little effort. An easy removal is made possible with a specially tuned trimming blade, a special developed tooth roller and a teflon-coated working table.

  • High performance and high yield at modest footprint
  • Product-specific setting, guaranteeing maximum yield after individual blade tuning
  • Ideal cutting width for high-performance cheese rind removal for large and small blocks or just pieces of cheese
  • Energy saving work table design by ergonomic machine construction