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How Kremel S.A. efficiently processes vegan cheese.

"I would choose Weber again any time."

The production of innovative, high-quality cheese products has always been the goal of Greek company Kremel S.A. Founded in 1990, the company has been processing and packaging cheese alternatives and has since also specialized in vegan sliced cheese. While this market has great potential, it also poses a number of challenges. Plant-based food products have a very different texture and consistency than dairy-based products and require different processing.

In our customer story, Periandros Garakis, Managing Director of Kremel S.A. explains why Weber line solutions are the perfect option for processing vegan cold cuts.

Vegan Cheese
Staggered Stack
since 2021
Automated. Efficient. Hygienic.

Weber line solutions impress cheese producers.

With a Weber line solution, consisting of a Weber Slicer 804wePICK pick robots and a wePACK thermoformer, the cheese producer has found his ideal solution for processing plant-based products. Vegan cheese is sliced, handled  and packaged on a fully automated line that is seamlessly integrated and intelligently networked. An important factor in high-speed processing of plant-based foods is the blade. The Weber Durablade is manufactured in-house and has special coating for different applications. A double-pick robot ensures the gentle and hygienic handling of the vegan cheese, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination - an important aspect in the vegan food product industry. The high-level of automation and advanced line controlthrough the Weber OneControl technology reduces labor and increases running time and production profitability. 

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