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1 in 2: Shaved Meat Applications Without Compromises

We have redefined the world of mono applications with two mirror-image lines. The mirror image system revolutionizes the…

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Ultimate solution for processors with a wide product range

This Weber line solution delivers maximum performance for every application – whether shingled, stacked, overlapped or…

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High-performance processing of bacon thanks to Weber line

Bacon for the British retail market in 300 gram packages with a line output of 96 portions per minute. Those were the…

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Packaging cheese with the Weber wePACK 7000
Flexible Weber line solution for versatile cheese applications

Raclette cheese, Emmental, Appenzeller, Gruyère, each portioned out and presented differently – no problem at all for a…

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Innovative packaging solutions for sliced deli, pieces & more

Weber presented a comprehensive portfolio of packaging technology at interpack – including several portfolio expansions.

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Weber Durablade®Care: digital blade management

With Weber Durablade®Care, food producers maximize the efficiency of sharpening blades and take blade maintenance to a…

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Flexibility and slicing excellence combined in a compact design

With a diverse portfolio including preparation, slicing, automation and packaging, Weber offers full line solutions that…

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Clever solutions for digitalized production

Weber's goal is to make our customers' lives easier by enabling them to optimally operate their systems throughout the…

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Edeka Südwest Fleisch counts on cooked sausage expertise in the high-end range

With production lines that can process and portion more than just one sausage type, food manufacturers gain the ability…

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