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Weber Slicer 908 – the new all-rounder

At 2014’s Interpack, the high-tech company based in Breidenbach (Hesse), Germany, was able to unveil a new generation of slicers that not only meets the highest requirements on the global market in terms of hygiene and performance, it also opens up new opportunities for users worldwide.

Open design for hygienic production

An important quality element of the Slicer 908 is its open design, which makes cleaning very easy and efficient. Hollow spaces were reduced, the housing was streamlined and the sandwich design eliminated and replaced with a new optimised sealing concept. Another benefit: the drive and feeder rods are fully accessible and the stainless steel motors are out in the open. This design not only makes the machine easy to service and helps reduce the weight of the individual assemblies; it also meets the strictest hygiene standards. After cleaning, the slicer is ready to use again quickly. The innovative quick-change system ensures fast setup for greater flexibility. Cleaning time is also reduced by around 50%. A new quick-change system for blades and shear bars along with significant weight reduction literally helps streamline processes.

Flexibility in cutting and gripping systems

The Weber Slicer 908 features a cutting speed of up to 2,000 cuts per minute, a 200 mm x 620 mm product channel and automatic central loading system with a carrier unit designed for 1200 mm, 1600 mm or even endless product lengths. It uses an involute blade cutting system for thicknesses of 0.1 to 50 mm. The cutting head with proven Weber blank cutting technology and electronically adjustable cutting gap can be programmed to guide the product either horizontally or vertically. Options include up to 4 vario grippers, a high-speed interleaver with up to 4 tracks or a track-independent (2-track) interleaver. Of course, the slicer is also expandable with upstream or downstream add-on modules from the diverse Weber product portfolio.

Precise production results

Precise results are the top priority when it comes to slicing, and the 908 delivers just that with an optimised product guide and portioning unit. Technical requirements for this include enhanced grip holders/arm supports which significantly reduce vibration, as well as the reinforced carrier unit housing, which ensures high product-guiding stability and small transition points throughout the CCU belts, which guarantee safe and secure product transport. Finally, the open blade safety hood reduces air turbulence and allows optimal storage.

New maintenance concept provides higher reliability

With its new 908 Slicer, Weber has significantly improved operational reliability with an innovative maintenance, retrofit and safety concept. Optimal work processes and more durable functional components provide direct tangible benefits to the customer. If retrofitting is desired or necessary, the modular design makes it easy, as does the separate placement of the electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components.

Innovative Weber Power Control operating concept

The Weber 908 Slicer is a true all-rounder: it is controlled easily and safely via a touch screen. The new surface Weber Power Control interface is intelligently designed, easy to understand, interactively controlled and intuitive to use. With its various expansion options, the 908 Slicer can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the operator. High performance at an affordable price – the 908 offers scalable high-end technology to meet even the highest customer standards.