Efficient Energy Management at Weber Maschinenbau – internally and externally

Measures to increase in-house energy efficiency permanently contribute to a significant decrease in the use of electricity while simultaneously increasing competitiveness. Weber Maschinenbau is strongly committed to a smart managementof resources and ensures energy-efficient processes at all Weber locations.

With a „Project for the Development of an Energy EfficiencyManagement System” Weber both wants to establish and implement targeted measures inside the company and make transparent this smart way of conservation. This approachhas an immediate impact on the development of new products, thus food-processing businesses will benefit greatly and with high sustainability from this Weber project.

What has already been accomplished

  • All rotary-current controls used in Weber Slicers througha variable-frequency drive and a software are steeredin revolutions and performance based on actual need. Inaddition to only using the most efficient motors availablethis reduces power consumption to its lowest-possiblelevel.
  • For all Weber machines synchronous motors are in use. Their degree of efficiency at up to 98 percent is muchmore efficient than that of asynchronous motors.
  • Servo axles are operated in a controller network withthe energy being supplied through a joint intermediate DC circus. This allows Weber to regain the brakingenergy of one axle and to use it for another one.
  • All signal lighting has been equipped

At Weber’s production facilities

  • Solar panels on the roofs of all production and officebuildings
  • Halls are heat- and sound-insulated
  • LED lighting activated by motion detectors
  • Climate control for an automated and constantindoor temperature