Cheese Innovation Days a source of inspiration

Day 2 of the Cheese Innovation Days even with recurring presentations is everything but „more of the same“. Over 100 guests have made their way to Weber Maschinenbau today, and not only does this new mix of international visitors ensure fresh group dynamics, but what this assembly has accomplished in the first half of the day already is a valuable discussion of important future trends as well as a collection of a wide variety of new ideas and proposals.

There is an amazing sense of community at this event without having to strictly label it a „seminar“ or „trade show“. It is rather a very practice-oriented, vivid and casual get-together that is all about innovation, inspiration and an exchange of experiences and expectations.

Jörg Schmeiser, managing director at Weber and in charge of engineering and tech, was understandably all smiles: „Our teams in engineering, applications tech, software, assembly, sales and service have done a magnificent job, working jointly on this project. The fact that we don’t just have to advertise our machines as high-performance but that we can show the results of our work to our customers and partners right here with a live product yield of 100 percent and give-away of less than 0.1 percent in our S6 slicer is just super.“

Exactly these presentations of large and compact slicers as well as their synchronized add-ons, the Weber Shuttle System, Smart and Compact Loaders, the packaging virtuoso VMAX and much more high tech is in store for visitors at Weber in the second half of this Wednesday … yet another successful chapter rich in Cheese Innovation.


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