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weSLICE 9500

weSLICE 9500
Détails du produit
  • Unchallenged in Yield and Performance
  • Unmatched Slicer and Portion perfection with Weber DirectDrive Technology
  • Uncompromising Build Quality 
  • Weber Digital Factory Solutions 


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Caractéristiques techniques — weSLICE 9500

Largeur (mm)
Vitesse de coupe (tr/min)
max. 2000
Hauteur de la chambre de coupe (mm)
Largeur de la chambre de coupe (mm)
Longueur de produit (mm)
Système de coupe
Performance Durablade
Épaisseur de coupe (mm)
0,5 - 50
Chargement central automatique


The Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500 is the new high-performance machine in the slicer portfolio, which once again set the standard with regards to quality and performance. On the one hand, the uncompromising slicing quality and performance is achieved using the new Weber DirectDrive technology. The product is precisely guided by the direct drive of all components, so that in addition to perfectly sliced, visually appealing slices, the highest portion weight accuracy is achieved while at the same time providing maximum protection for the product. On the other hand, equipment highlights such as the Weber Durablade Performance involute blade ensures the best slicing quality. Moreover, the Vario technology of the new slicer-flagship weSLICE 9500 contributes to this unique performance. If Weber vacuum gripper technology is used, the product yield is increased even further, as remaining end pieces are reduced by more than half. The result: production with almost 100% weight-accurate portions and very low give-away. The new Weber Slicer weSLICE 9500 also has a lot to offer with regards to ergonomics, user-friendliness, and safety, such as the new tool-free quick-change system for product holders.

Thanks to the comprehensive line integration, the slicer can optimize the line speed for a smooth transport of the portion or automatically regulate the speed of subsequent components upwards. The line is therefore in the position to optimize itself, which leads to an overall increase in quality.


wePACK - Logiciel optimisé pour l'intégration d'un système d'introduction sur tapis

weLOAD - Nouveau logiciel optimisé et synchronisation améliorée avec des machines d'emballage


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Weber France SAS
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Pictogramme du contact
Weber France SAS
Weber France SAS
Antoine 61
95300 Ennery
Mobile : +33 0 130 303466