High-tech demands experience

48 employees of Weber Maschinenbau in Breidenbach celebrated anniversaries in December: 39 for ten years', and nine even for 25 years' service to the company. The owner and management invited them to the Aue Event Hall in Biedenkopf to thank the employees for their contribution to the sustained success of the company.

"The fact that we’re able to greet such a large group of people celebrating anniversaries is a clear sign of how strongly Weber Maschinenbau is growing," said Managing Director Mathias Dülfer. "With your dedication each day, you have played your part in establishing our global reputation as a high-tech company. It’s no easy task becoming a global market leader, and we believe strongly that high-tech demands experience," Dülfer emphasised.

Owner Günther Weber founded the company in Breidenbach in 1981. He thanked the long-serving employees – also on behalf of his sons and partners Tobias and Hubertus Weber – for everything they had down over the years to bolster the company's success.

Speech by the mayor

Christoph Felkl, Mayor of the municipality of Breidenbach, also attended the ceremony to hold a speech: "The employees' commitment and creativity have earned Weber's machines a good reputation worldwide. The success of strong companies like Weber is one of the reasons why the municipality of Breidenbach is in such a good position today. Luckily, we are still honouring people here – not machines!" emphasised Felkl.