"Variety is the Spice of Life" – Weber at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf

Weber Maschinenbau presents a number of innovative machines for the food processing industry at the Interpack trade fair in Dusseldorf from 8 to 14 May 2014. Themed "Variety is the spice of life", the high-tech company based in Breidenbach (Hesse), Germany, will unveil new developments and upgrades to its proven slicers, robots and skinners.

"Interpack is a great opportunity to demonstrate our expanded competence in automation, robotics and multi-variety handling technology to both customers and visitors to our stand", says Mathias Dülfer, CEO of Weber Maschinenbau. "The fair is an ideal platform for showcasing our innovative products to representatives from the international food processing industry. We are able to offer customised solutions to our customers," Dülfer sums up.

This year, the focus of the company's exhibits will be on new products, such as the Weber Variety Pack System, the 908 Slicer, the CCA 600/800 Infeeder, the Weber Pick Robot, the ASE Twin 533 Desinewing and Skinning Machine and the ASW 560 Derinder. Proven Weber products, such as the Durablade® slicing blade series, which is manufactured in-house, and SSM Sharpening Station will also be on display at Interpack.

Weber machines are designed to meet growing customer requirements in terms of performance, hygiene, flexibility and optimum cutting results. They guarantee optimal output and maximum efficiency.

With its new Variety Pack System, which allows multiple product varieties to be combined into a single package fully automatically, Weber proves that variety is indeed the spice of life. The modular system combines multiple slicers via a belt system and offers different infeeding methods. The Variety Pack System not only meets the highest hygiene standards, it is also perfectly adaptable to the spatial constraints of the food manufacturer.

The new 908 Slicer provides both maximum hygiene and performance. Its special Weber hygiene design and open construction ensure a high degree of production safety. With its 620-mm-wide product throat, it can slice up to six different 100-mm-calibre products alongside each other. The FastLock blade switching system allows quick product change-outs.

The CCA600/800 Infeeder offers top performance combined with high flexibility. With a film width of up to 830 mm, portions can be loaded onto up to six tracks on the packing machine. The infeeder can also finish off incomplete lines and re-channel the portions.

With its built-in camera system, the Weber Pick Robot (WPR) automatically identifies products in all common portion shapes and sizes as they come off the belt. These are picked up by the robot's gripping arms, rotated the necessary number of degrees and then fed precisely into the packaging. This eliminates human contact during the infeeding process completely, significantly increasing food safety. At Interpack, the first-ever WPR with an innovative double gripper will be unveiled.

The new ASE Twin 533 Skinner, with double the number of teeth on its toothing/transport roller, is a desinewing and skinning machine in one. This new feature also prevents the removal of valuable lean meat through repeated fat- and tendon-trimming with an exclusively fine-tooth roller. This results in a faster skinning process and higher yield.

The Weber ASW 560 Special Purpose Skinner is an automated high-performance, control-cut, conveyorised derinding machine. It combines cutting and flattening in connection with the Weber automated incision mechanism, thus virtually eliminating the need for manual post-processing. It is suitable for the fully automated processing of all derinded pork parts, including pork bellies and jowls.

The SSM Sharpening Station can sharpen Weber involute blades with a radius of 365 to 485 mm and circular blades with a radius of up to 470 mm. The built-in RFID scanner can easily reproduce custom sharpening settings with consistent quality, as Weber Durablades carry a corresponding chip.

Weber Durablade circular and involute blades are made of stainless steel and are therefore especially hygienic and durable. They are ideal in nearly all sausage and ham slicing applications – without non-stick coating. Durablade involute blades can also be outfitted with the Weber-patented multi-angle adapter for particularly complex or precise applications.