Weber breaks ground for new assembly halls

Management and ownership of Weber Maschinenbau on Friday held a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the start of the latest construction project at the Breidenbach headquarters of their family business. Adjacent to the current assembly hall, expanded facilities will allow for both more capacity in assembly itself and for two floors of office space. Together with local politicians, representatives of the construction company and members of the press, this latest addition to the Breidenbach campus of Weber got underway. It is only one of several expansion projects currently in the works: another office building is being completed in Breidenbach while Weber is also in the middle of construction at three more German sites.

Weber’s investment into this particular project is in the seven figures, creating 2,300 square meters of assembly space as well as a two-level office building of 450 square meters per floor. All functions particular to the new-machine process will be housed here. Such a large expansion is very much needed thanks to our high degree of innovation and thus growing our product portfolio as well – e.g. with the inclusion of packaging machines since 2017. „Our portfolio now covers the entire production process of cold-cuts slicing to packaging. In order to have enough space for such complete lines of more than 20 meters length and in order to expand our overall capacity, we simply need more room. After construction has ended here, we will be able to include building and setting up packaging machines right inside our assembly lines where they belong while creating shorter distances for our staff at the same time“, explains Tobias Weber, CEO and associate of Weber Maschinenbau. Additionally, one of the shipping departments is being complemented and the existing social building is also receiving extra space.

Until now, the building site has served as a parking lot to the 650 employees at Weber in Breidenbach. In order to prevent shortages of parking space, new capacity in this category is also being created simultaneously – directly adjacent to the company. The new assembly hall will already be finished in September of this year, completion of the office building is projected for January of 2020.

Pictured from left to right: Guido Sonneborn (Manager of Operations, Weber Maschinenbau), Christoph Felkl (Mayor of Breidenbach), Tobias Weber (CEO, Weber Maschinenbau), Dieter Welter (Manager of Construction, Scheld), Lisa Thome (Architect, Schubert + Steinberg).