Weber Innovation Days 2018 Bacon & Ham

This year's Weber Innovation Days are within reach. From November 6 – 8, 2018 once again a unique forum consisting of expert lectures, industry dialogue and live presentations will take place in Breidenbach. This time the focus is on the efficient processing of bacon and raw ham.

In order to shorten the waiting time until the event, we would like to give you a foretaste of the program highlights. Look forward to eight live presentations of Weber line solutions, including for example:

Slicing and Infeeding at its best – Weber Slicer S6 with Weber CompactBuffer, Weber PickRobot and Weber VMAX
This fully automated line is the embodiment of high performance and maximum yield. Double track-independent slicing and interleaving of naturally shaped products such as raw ham is no problem with the Weber Slicer S6. The Weber CompactBuffer offers gentle portion transport and buffering while perfectly matching with the latest generation of the Weber PickRobot. The sensitive portions are gripped, turned about 90° and precisely inserted into the Weber VMAX Thermoformer.

High Technology for Perfect Variety Packs – Weber Slicer 804 with Weber ShuttleSystem and Weber PickRobot
On this line, Weber presents the highest possible flexibility in the creation of attractive variety packs with various portion designs. Among other slicing demos, Tapitas made from the finest Serrano ham will be presented. Even with high performance the gentle portion transport is always guaranteed. The sensitive products are transported absolutely nondestructively by the portion carriers of the Weber ShuttleSystem from the slicer to the insertion point at the packaging machine.

In addition, three exciting lectures on the latest trends and findings from research, technology and practice await you. At you will find detailed information on all Weber live presentations, lectures and the organizational details. Please register by October 26, 2018. We look forward to meeting you!