High-performance thermoforming packaging machine


High-performance thermoforming packaging machine

VMAX - thought out to the detail

The high-performance thermoforming packaging machine VMAX is the perfect machine for the production of rigid and flexible film packaging for the food industry. The modular design allows an individual customization for your applications and production requirements. Particularly in combination with Weber Slicers and other  Weber automation components, we can create outstanding line solutions that are perfectly suited to your company. Find out about the benefits of the VMAX:

Easy to operate

Make complexity manageable: That is our goal with the VMAX. Higher demands lead to an increasing complexity of modern machines. Intelligent solutions make using the VMAX intuitive and operators' daily work easier:

  • Important functionalities that are needed on a regular basis can be easily accessed via an intuitive user interface touch panel.
  • User-friendly film holder with pneumatic roller tensioner and pre-unwinding functionality
  • Heating for operators in the infeed area

Experience and expertise

Over 25 years of experience and expertise in packaging machines have gone into the development of our VMAX packaging machine. The result is a sophisticated machine that is used and valued by big names in the food industry. We are also well known for the high quality of our in-house tool construction for forming/sealing dies and film cutting systems. With this pool of experience and expertise, we want to tackle the challenges of the future and develop innovative line solutions for slicing and packaging applications together with you.

Easy servicing

Downtime – no matter if scheduled or unscheduled – has a direct impact on the availability of your system and the added value of your production. With intelligent detailed solutions, downtime is minimized by consistently making service staff's work easier. Discover the benefits for yourself:

  • Hinged stainless steel side panels that can be removed easily for servicing. These are also available with windows and lighting as an option.
  • Numbered protective hoods and quick access to all functional modules
  • Easy troubleshooting through the help of error descriptions on the HMI

The solution for sliced products: VMAX packaging machine

Weber VMAX

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Equipment features

  • Jumbo film unwind for roll diameter up to 1.000 mm
  • Servo motor controlled package depth adjustment
  • Sealing and gas flushing pressure adjustable via touch panel
  • Register mark control system
  • Line motion control with splice detection and no product/no label
  • Cutting units like film punches, strip punches and complete cutting units

Technical data

Film widths:320 mm – 630 mm
Cut-off lengths:up to 1.200 mm
Working height:850 – 950 mm
Forming depth:up to 210 mm (optional: motoric drawing depth adjustment)
Film roll diameter:Standard up to 500 mm
Jumbo up to 1.000 mm
Cutting systems:film-, strip punches, complete cutting units