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weSORT 3000

weSORT 3000
Product details
  • For 6.x formats
  • Convergering into one lane
  • Compact design


With the very compact Weber weSORT 3000 belt converger, up to six packing lanes can be merged onto one track. Decisive added value results in particular in a line combination with other Weber components: the controller of the weSORT is integrated into the Weber wePACK packaging machine, which does not only result in cost savings by dispensing with additional controller hardware, but also enables recipe changes to be made together with the wePACK. Reduction of changeover times as well as the elimination of error sources when changing recipes are the result. Separate rockers can optionally be added to eject individual empty packs.


  • Easy adaptation to different line widths
  • In-deep mechanical integration with the wePACK packaging machine to reduce line length
  • Short set-up times thanks to tool-free change of format parts
  • Optional: ejection of individual bad packs
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