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Weber wePACK 7000

Weber wePACK 7000
Product Details
  • Possible applications: MAP, Vacuum, Skin, Envelopement, Multilayer
  • Portion position detection via scanner: Automatic position correction for reduction of manual intervention
  • Optional full integration of wePICK & weLOAD
  • Combination with Weber End-of-Line equipment: individual solutions for all requirements


The perfect thermoformer for packing your sliced products
Whatever you slice – wePACK: right from the beginning, the development of the Weber wePACK was focused intently on the requirements of our customers. The result is a packaging machine which is consistently geared to slicing applications and which delivers maximum output, as well as ease of operation and servicing. Thanks to its hygienic design and a high level of automation, the Weber wePACK guarantees maximum food safety.

Uncompromising integration – Everything from one source
From preparation of the product to the tested primary packaging, we offer everything from one source. Through this unique initial situation, we are able to take the integration of slicers, automation, packaging and end-of-line equipment to a new level. Weber combines powerful line components into even more powerful all-in-one line solutions. The boundaries between individual components disappear so that the complete slicing line merges into one unit. These system solutions are always adapted to each customer as well as their individual requirements. 

This perfect integration is shown in particular by automated Weber loading solutions such as the wePICK or the weLOAD in combination with the Weber wePACK. Minimum space requirements, free accessibility and uninterrupted data flow between components are just a few of the many advantages that set new standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in slicing production.


  • Weber Performance: optimized for slicing applications
  • Top film unwind: intelligent servo handling
  • Weber Power Control: intuitive, award-winning operation concept
  • Weber roller shear cutting: Unique, quick-change system
  • Weber Performance Servo lifting system: unbeatably fast, optimized for slicing applications, full stainless steel
  • Labeling and printing technology: combination with fully integrated labelers, printers or inkjets

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