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Product preparation

For optimum efficiency and yield, we rely on optical systems - in this way, the slicer only knows exactly what to slice and how. Depending on the product and its individual requirements, we offer LED camera systems and X-ray processes for optimal product processing. Our peeling machine makes it quick and easy to remove the casing from deli and cheese products.

LED Scanner CPS

The products are fed to a LED camera system in one or more lanes, which measures them individually and then weighs them on a weighing station. The data obtained guarantees optimized product utilization with high yield and minimal give-away when slicing pieces and slices.

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X-ray Scanner CPS-X

The products to be sliced are fed to the X-ray scanner next to each other in more lanes. The mass allocation of each product is determined in a continuous-flow process for each individual product by means of X-ray…

Peeling machine CCP

The Log Peeler CCP fully automatically and hygienically removes the casing from sausage and cheese products. The machine can be put together individually. A clear distinction between gray zones and hygiene zones…

weDIVIDE 7000

The Weber cheese block divider weDIVIDE 7000 is the perfect start for a highly productive and highly automated line. Fully integrated or as a stand-alone, the weDIVIDE divides Euro or cheddar blocks as well as…