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weDIVIDE 7000

weDIVIDE 7000
Product details

Cheese blocks:

  • Width 270-400 mm
  • Height 70-240 mm
  • Length 350-550 mm
  • Capacity up to 6 blocks/min (application dependent)

Round cheese:

  • Ø 280-400 mm
  • Height 80-125 mm

Caliber goods:

  • Manual loading


The Weber cheese block divider is the perfect start for a highly productive and highly automated line. Fully integrated or in the stand-alone version, the weDIVIDE divides euro block formats as well as cheddar and natural cheese into uniform cheese bars and prepares them for further processing. Depending on requirements, the Weber cheese block divider provides various functionalities and options – from integrated manual loading to sorting, buffering and trimming on the sides. The trimming frame, which can be moved both horizontally and vertically, is a particularly sophisticated technical refinement.

Product Videos


  • Sortiing
  • Buffer, 90° mounting possible
  • Blade and wire slicing
  • The trimming frame can be moved vertically and horizontally (height measurement)
  • Trimming on the sides
  • Integrated manual loading
  • Controlled weight distribution
  • Seamless integration in Weber line
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