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wePRESS 5000

wePRESS 5000
Product details
  • Perfect product preparation for sustainable raw material utilization and ideal automation
  • High performance: depending on the application, forms up to 15 products/min.
  • Loading manually or with optional infeed belt
  • Precise forming of naturally grown products for maximum yield
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient thanks to Weber DynaForm (servo-dynamic feedback forming)


More performance, more yield, more automation, more sustainability through better utilization of the raw material and continuous production: With the Weber forming press wePRESS 5000 products such as streaky bacon, back bacon and raw ham can be perfectly shaped. Thanks to the Weber DynaForm technology, the products are formed gently and product-friendly, yet powerfully. This method makes it possible to react individually to variable product sizes during the production process as well as precisely control the pressure in the pressing chamber. With the help of the servo-controlled pressure, corners and edges are fully formed so that the raw material flows into the desired shape. This prevents structural damage, which can manifest itself in the downstream processes in the form of folds or poor slice stability during slicing, among other things. Thanks to the forming process, no manual trimming of the products is necessary. This guarantees complete, loss-free utilization of the raw material and is the best prerequisite for a continuous process automation.


  • Stand-alone version possible
  • Line integration with optional Weber OneControl integration
  • Variable press modes can be selected for a wide range of products
  • Pressing pressure can be adjusted during the forming process depending on the process step
  • Resource-saving: no hydraulics - no cooling, no compressed air
  • RFID coding of the format parts increases operational reliability
  • Easy installation and removal of the lightweight format parts for cleaning and conversion
  • Ergonomic: light grid safety technology for fast manual loading
  • Weber hygiene concept: open machine design for transparent processes - easy accessibility
  • Optional: integration of Weber Remote Service
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