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weWEIGH 5000

weWEIGH 5000
Product details
  • Precisely weight determination
  • Robust weighing technology
  • Fulfills the highest hygiene requirements


The weWEIGH 5000 is a digital weighing system for classifying portion weights according to packaging weight legislation or operator settings. The weWEIGH scale was developed specifically for integration into slicing and packaging lines of sliced products. Robust against external influences, such as during cleaning, and easy to handle, this makes it an absolutely reliable line component, even for high demands in tough production environments. With its open design and externally mounted stainless steel servo motors and weighing cells, the weWEIGH 5000 meets the highest hygiene requirements and facilitates easy cleaning.


  • Easy to handle
  • Externally mounted stainless steel weighing cells: reduces operating costs as flushing compressed air is not required
  • Good visibility thanks to the open design
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