Highly productive solutions for your bacon production.

Slice, transport & package bacon efficiently.

Bacon isn't all the same. The natural product is particularly valuable, but also particularly challenging. Each product is unique and with it, brings different requirements in terms of salt content, fat content and dimensions. This means that each processing step represents a different, individual challenge depending on the product. With our line solutions, you can master the daily challenges of your bacon production.

Let yourself be inspired by our processing solutions for bacon: from weight-accurate slicing, careful transport and precise infeeding to the desired presentation in the packaging.

Listen, understand, implement: together with Weber to the perfect bacon solution.
Slicing bacon means understanding bacon.

Our solutions
for your success.

To be able to understand your requirements exactly, we listen to you very intensively in the first step. Do you process your product raw (Green Bacon) or cooked? Do you want to slice Streaky Bacon, Back Bacon, Middle Bacon or Medallions/Loins? What are your requirements with regard to portioning, presentation and packaging? Do you supply food retailers or are you active in the food service sector?

Efficient. Flexible. Integrated.

Solutions for optimization of your bacon production.

First Class Performance
  • Through synchronized buffering, scanning and loading, you achieve the highest good production (minimum give-away, minimum end pieces, maximum yield) and thus get everything out of the raw product
  • Weber LED scan technology accurately measures and plans the uneven bacon - so you get the best out of your product and achieve maximum good production with good-weight portions
  • Maximum portions per minute even with short products such as bacon: synchronized machines enable endless slicing without loading pauses as well as short reloading times thanks to servo-motor drives
  • Vario gripper with adjustable gripper front plate: find the perfect point between optimal grip and minimal end piece for highest yield
  • Special food service solutions for repeatable, constant slice thickness: Slicer portfolio for high-performance ranges (up to 2,000 rpm) without idle cuts and with minimum reloading time
High Raw Material Yield
  • Tailored to your requirements – our wide portfolio offers solutions for every application in every performance class from trade to industry
  • Wide range of scanning technologies depending on requirements and space/room conditions
    • directly connected LED scanner for more integration and automation
    • LED scanner as stand alone variant for more flexibility
  • Weber weUNDERLEAVE: automated system for track-related foil and paper backing in the food service sector
Comprehensive Service
  • Trust in the high availability as well as the special robustness and durability of our machines with a service life of around 25 years
  • In case you should need support, our competent, globally available service team is there to assist you personally
  • Comprehensive personal services: blade consulting, Weber Academy and Weber Guardian
  • Comprehensive digital services: Weber Portal, remote maintenance, AR and VR technology
High-Tech made in Germany.

Highly automated. High-performance. Value-adding.
Along the entire line.

We know that especially the safe, damage-free transport and precise infeeding of bacon portions represent a challenge in your daily production. The dimensions and salt content of the bacon as well as the type of cooling have a significant influence on the consistency of the product and thus on the processing procedure. Slippage and slipping away of the portions sliced is the result. Manual infeeding is however, neither economical nor a solution that can be implemented quickly in times of staff shortages. Our solutions provide a remedy and automate your bacon production.

Maximum Automation
  • Automatic infeeder Weber weLOAD 7500: guaranteed safe portion transport and gentle portion handling thanks to extremely small transitions and smart speed control of the conveyors
  • Weber wePICK pick robot: the integrated picker camera detects the position and orientation of the portions precisely, so that the portions are accurately gripped and inserted gently
  • Communication and data exchange between wePRESS bacon press and slicer for an efficient slicing process with maximum yield and lower staff requirements
  • Comprehensive mechanical and digital integration as well as comprehensive networking of all line modules thanks to complete line solutions
Refined Technology
  • More grip for the safe transport of your bacon portions: quicker portion transport thanks to interlocked belt conveyors on the portioning belt & control belt, needles on the drive shaft and spikes on the upper side of the portioning belt
  • Special bacon blade for gentle slicing with less pressure: Weber Durablade 365 for single slicing oder Weber Performance blade for double slicing of extra wide products
  • Slicing bacon in a wider temperature window thanks to our own blade development and manufacturing based on decades of know-how
  • “GripnGo“ on the WEBER Slicers weSLICE 7500 and on Weber weSLICE 9500: start slicing immediately, the product does not have to be retracted
  • Driven toothed shaft in the shear bar on many Weber Slicers ensures better product guidance during the slicing process
wePRESS, weSLICE 7500, weLOAD, wePACK, weSORT.

High-performance line solution for processing bacon.

Weber Power Control for salami processing lines.
From operator to supervisor.

Intuitive operation of all modules from one location.

  • Intuitive operating system (HMI): use of web technologies that everybody is familiar with from their smartphone
  • Many components, one interface: HMI is the same on all Weber systems
  • Weber OneControl for controlling all modules from one location
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Intelligent sensor technology for avoiding operating errors
  • Intelligent allocation of user rights via RFID identification
Weber is a strong partner of bacon producers.

Success over the entire line.

  • We offer complete line solutions for processing and packaging of bacon from one source
  • We make your everyday life easier and take over the entire planning of your optimal solution, including project management for third-party components
  • We are there for you: trust in planning reliability through comprehensive support and worldwide service – even after delivery and start of production
Weber is a strong partner of food processing companies.
With us you can effectively put your bacon in the limelight.

Individual solutions for retail and food service.

Regardless if you produce classic 200 g packs for food retail or bulk bacon kilo packs and layout bacon for the food service sector: we help you to implement your specific requirements in the best possible way. For the satisfaction of your customers and for your success.

There are no limits to your ideas: with Weber technology, all applications or portioning forms can be implemented for your bacon application.

Perfect product presentation at Point of Sale.

Sustainable and safe forms of packaging.

In addition to the appealing presentation at the point of sale, the protection and minimum shelf life of your sliced bacon are particularly important success factors. For you, this means more profitability and sustainability, for end consumers it means more food safety and taste. Therefore, you should not have to make any compromises when choosing the right packaging for your bacon.

Our experts will advise you on all topics concerning the design of your packaging as well as on the choice of the appropriate packaging material. Regardless of whether you decide to use a paper-based foil, PP, mono-PET or APET or if you want a classic MAP packaging or a multi-layered packing made of soft foil: all packaging materials can be processed with our wePACK thermoforming packaging machine. Naturally different foils can be processed on one machine, to ensure that your line is also equipped for future requirements.

One partner does it all.

Complete line solutions from a single source.

Being a solution provider we are passionate about making your catalog of requirements to our project - whether being individual components such as slicers and automation solutions or complex slicing lines. Our broad portfolio offers a wide range of options from product preparation to slicing, buffer, loading and infeed systems to packaging machines and end-of-line equipment. Especially when integrated together, our components unfold their full potential and enrich your bacon production.


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