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Slicing, Smart & Easy.

Slicing lines for the food-processing industry.

TEXTOR redefines slicing technology and shows how less can often provide more. Our slicers for lunch meat, ham, bacon or cheese combine outstanding quality and careful manufacturing with equipment reduced to the essential level of functionality. They offer excellent performance, simple operating concepts and a new, fully open frame design.

TEXTOR offers a wide range of high-performance slicer components. In addition to circular blade and involute blade technology, scanning and weighing systems and interleavers for separating slices, TEXTOR also offers a wide range of conveyor and insertion technology.

Unique, easy on the product, fast, efficient.

GripnGo reloading function.

All TEXTOR slicers are equipped with the unique GripnGo reloading function. Thanks to the multi-functional product downholder system the product no longer needs to be pulled back after gripping. This results in optimum careful handling of the product, reliable reloading and very short reloading times. Just grip it and go!

Best weight results and product yields.

VarioFeed Product Feeder.

Best weight results and product yields, also with multi-lane product feeding. Our slicers can be optionally equipped with a VarioFeed product feeder. Through two completely independent product infeeders the VarioFeed system achieves high product yields and good give away results, even for products of incorrect caliber.

In the VarioFeed system the slicer has two separate gripper drives and a two separate product bed drives. This allows independent adjustment and regulation of the number of slices, slice thicknesses and portion weights for each separate lane.

A unique combination of continuous slicing and product gripping.

ContiFlow - Slicing without reloading gaps.

ContiFlow is a completely new way of operating slicers. It combines the advantages of a slicer with grippers with the advantages of a slicer using continuous portion flow. Complete separation and splitting of the product infeed results in 2 independent product infeeds in a single slicer.

This provides a continuous flow of portions at the discharge side of the slicer without gaps occurring during reloading. This renders complex, expensive and large buffer systems between the slicer and packing machines completely obsolete. The ContiFlow processing sequence. One lane is sliced while the other lane is being reloaded. When exactly "N" slices are remaining, the second lane synchronizes to the active lane and begins slicing, where "N" represent the number of sliced portions on the new lane. This results in a completely continuous flow of portions.

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