Slicing and Infeeding at its best – Weber Slicer S6 with Weber CompactBuffer, Weber PickRobot and Weber VMAX

This fully automated line is the embodiment of high performance and maximum yield. Double track-independent slicing and interleaving of naturally shaped products such as raw ham is no problem with the Weber Slicer S6. The Weber CompactBuffer offers gentle portion transport and buffering while perfectly matching with the latest generation of the Weber PickRobot. The sensitive portions are gripped, turned about 90° and precisely inserted into the Weber VMAX Thermoformer.

High Technology for Perfect Variety Packs – Weber Slicer 804 with Weber ShuttleSystem and Weber PickRobot

On this line, Weber presents the highest possible flexibility in the creation of attractive variety packs with various portion designs. Among other slicing demos, Tapitas made from the finest Serrano ham will be presented. Even with high performance the gentle portion transport is always guaranteed. The sensitive products are transported absolutely nondestructively by the portion carriers of the Weber ShuttleSystem from the slicer to the insertion point at the packaging machine.

Two Slicers In One – Textor Slicer TS750

Specialized in processing short products, the Textor Slicer TS750 demonstrates high performance and continuity in double slicing of bacon. The TS750 features two completely independent tracks from the infeeding of products to the insertion point at the packaging machine. As soon as a product on a track has been sliced up to the final slice, this track can be reloaded. This always results in complete format sets and excludes the production of empty packs.

Real High-Speed at 2,000 rpm – Weber Slicer 804

As one of the most efficient systems in its class, the Weber Slicer 804 impressively demonstrates what high-performance slicing and maximum performance mean on the basis of a bacon application at up to 2,000 cuts per minute.

High-Precision Slicing for Maximum Efficiency – Weber Slicer S6 with Weber CompactLoader

This line demonstrates how natural products can be processed as efficiently as possible with excellent yield and minimal give-away. It consists of the Weber Slicer S6 with quadruple vario-infeeding unit and the Weber CompactLoader. Fourfold scanning, fourfold slicing, fourfold track-independent interleaving, fourfold perfect stacking quality: this is how the new Weber flagship S6 produces portions of cured, smoked pork loin and Serrano ham. The CompactLoader transports, buffers and loads into the packaging machine fully automatically.

The Highly Flexible and Universal Machine – Weber Slicer 405 with Underleaver and Weber SmartLoader

This highly flexible line for the medium range of performance produces wafer-thin carpaccio portions in an attractive and individual presentation design. The Weber SmartLoader is used to precisely place two portions on top of each other. An underleaver reliably separates the layers of these sensitive products from each other.

The Entry into Industrial Slicing – Weber Slicer 305

The Weber Slicer 305 is the entry-level model for state-of-the-art slicing technology. It is easy to operate, the applications can be changed with little set-up effort. The Slicer 305 proves this by means of three different raw ham applications.

Smart and Easy – Textor Slicer TS700 with Omori Flowpacker

Smart & Easy – the best way to describe the Textor Slicer TS700. The TS700 is the smart solution for creating a wide range of different portion designs. Its precise blade head system ensures optimum output, e.g. when double slicing cured, smoked pork loin. The slicer is always optimally adapted to customer applications and concentrates on the essentials.