NTF-Aalborg A/S

NTF-Aalborg specializes in manufacturing hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel process equipment and machinery protection. Our program includes solutions for processes, smoking, cooking, pasteurizing, freezing and thawing. This includes smoking wagons, gratings for food processing, wire baskets, meat rakes and smoking sticks. Machine protective fencing which is produced tailor-made and can be easily, mounted on the machines or our Comp-Line guard, as a fence, that can easily be, adjusted on site.



The WIPOTEC Group is a leading global provider of intelligent weighing and inspection technology. With a broad portfolio of weighing technology, including weigh cells, checkweighers, X-ray systems and track & trace solutions, we serve machine builders, integrators and end customers in a wide variety of markets.


John Bean Technologies (JBT)

JBT supplies technology solutions for the global food industry. The company offers integrated solutions across the entire food processing continuum. The company represents more than 30 highly respected product brand names, including Frigoscandia, Stein, DSI, Double D, Formcook and Schröder.


Ergo.fol Norflex GmbH

Norflex Interleaver is a biaxially orientated polystyrene film available in crystal clear, milky, mat and white; in smooth or embossed quality. Norflex Interleavers are increacingly used as interlaying, seperating film for high performance slicers in the cheese or ham industry.


Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH&Co.KG 

Schröder Maschinenbau is one of the world market leaders in curing and marinating technology. Since 1966, high-quality systems for brine preparation, injection and massaging 
of meat products have been offered. Since 2018 Schröder Maschinenbau belongs to the JBT Corporation. A global leader in food processing technology.


Refurbished by Weber – pre-owned machinery directly from the manufacturer


  • Weber performance at an attractive price
  • Reliability of original OEM parts and knowledge
  • Short delivery times
  • Thorough inspection, overhaul and maintenance of the machines
  • Purchase and sale of complete Weber lines or individual components



The mixture of enthusiasm and perfection in the implementation has made SOMIC one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machines. For more than 40 years, SOMIC has been winning over international customers in the food and non-food industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry with high-end solutions for case packaging. SOMIC has also been represented in the US since 2014.



TECH FOR FOOD AG offers machines and solutions for the production of food. The rolling and wrapping machine roll it is our main product. roll it in combination with a WEBER Slicer forms an automatic roll line for innovative meat and cheese products. The 3d meat press press it and the custom-built band-conveyors move it complete the set.




As a leading international manufacturing company of flexible packaging, Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, contributing to the lives of millions every day.




Omori Europe is specialist in innovative packaging solutions and full production lines with flow packers and stretch wrappers for a wide range of specific applications. We not only ensure the design and layout of machines and complete production lines, but also support you in matters such as engineering, technological development and after-sales service. 



Their knowledge, experience and good work has made it possible for Viscofan to become a multinational leader in its sector. Viscofan offers the widest range of casings: Cellulose, Collagen, Fibrous and Plastic. We want all of our products to be perfect, which is why we take care of every last detail to ensure our clients receive a product of the very highest quality, safe and that is adapted to their needs. 


Danfotech Middleby Denmark

Danfotech has more then 50 years experience manufacturing equipment for the food industry and is active in the following areas:

  • Meat and Bacon pressing
  • Defrosting systems for all protein
  • Massage and Tumblers with vacuum, heating and cooling
  • Semi and Automatic Press systems to press/shape logs for deli and slicing
  • Material handling systems to bring protein to and from our equipment

Our commitment to “IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND YIELD” continues with new and innovative products which provides our customers higher throughputs and more products down the production line.


Orca GmbH

Orca GmbH from Cologne has been accompanying its customers with solutions for surface, air and water disinfection using UVC technology for 20 years. In Weber Slicers, UVpro BD Belt Disinfection Units in Hygienic Design ensure cut-by-cut that your products reach the packaging even more hygienically.



Carsoe A/S with headquarter in Denmark designs and produces machines and solutions for the food processing industry.
Our product range is distributed among four competence areas:

  • AnyTray, Tray denesters and solutions for packing lines. 
  • Seafood Processing, solutions for on board and on shore seafood processing.
  • Liquid Processing, diary tanks and processing solutions. 
  • Lifting & handling, column lifters, swing-loaders, conveyor systems and screw conveyors.


Steen FoodTec GmbH

Steen FoodTec GmbH represents Carsoe in German-speaking countries.

G. Mondini

G. Mondini have been designing Tray Sealing Solutions for over 45 years. We are the recognised world leader dedicated to engineering excellence and quality. Our focus is on working in partnership with customers to provide solutions delivering real benefits, improving profitability and reducing packaging costs. The TRAVE range of tray sealers combined with the innovative patented PLATFORM technology are industry leaders. This gives the possibility to operate different packaging technologies, formats and materials through simple tool change.


VF Verpackungen

VF Verpackungen GmbH, located in Sulzberg, Germany is daughter company of Niederwieser Spa, Bozen, Italy and is one of Europe´s leading producers of flexible PA/PE and PA/EVOH/PE multilayer films for the food industry.   The modern production site with a customer oriented focus and service, product development, quality management, highest hygiene standards and future oriented and sustainable 11 layer cast co-extrusion technology distinguishes VF Verpackungen GmbH.


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Weber Skinner ASD 460

Fully automatic defatting machine of Loins with or without bones and Backs

  • Fully-automatic recognition of the fat strength using Weber camera technology, with programmable controlled movement along longitudinal profile
  • Sensor-controlled electronic spring for perfect pressure application
  • Uniform fat layers
  • Back bacon instead of small trimming cuts



Industrie, Skinner, ASB 460 560 770, ASB 460-560-770, Bandentschwarter, Entschwarten, Entschwartung, Fleisch, industry, derinder, band derinder, derind, derinding, meat

Weber Skinner ASB 560

The top model for industrial applications offers the latest technology and highest quality: As a robust high performer in industry, the derinder ASB 560 is a shining example of pioneering technology with premium quality.