Market development and consumption behavior of meat in general

Pork consumption in Germany is not keeping pace with the production. After steady declining pork consumption will probably result for 2018, with per capita consumption (boneless) from 36,2 kg to 35,2 kg. The self sufficient rate is 121 %. Hams are one of the most common form of pork purchased at retail. Supermarkets remain the first #1 channel for all groups. The most common ham occasions are Christmas, Easter an everyday meals. In the export the raw-ham exports to Italy has a very high importance.  Otherwise the imports of high value ham are growing because the consumer asking more and more delicious hams, for example: Jambon de Bayonne (France): Seasoned, salted and cold-smoked. Prosciutto and Parma (Italy): Seasoned, salted and air-dried. Sometimes used in hot dishes, but is more familiar thinly sliced and served with melon and black pepper. Serrano and Iberica (Spain): Long aged, unsmoked. The consumer preferences are driving the bacon market growth also in Germany. Consumers over the age of 30 years make up for most of the consumption.

Matthias Kohlmüller, AMI GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Optimization of costs and quality for the slicing process of dry cured ham

Commercial success strongly depends on a highly attractive package which contain perfect slices of ham and bacon in a homogeneous form, intense colour and appetizing texture. This can be achieved when the different processing parameters are configured in a way that attractive slices of ham can be reproducible put into the package. The challenge is to reach an optimal shaping of the meat and a high sensory quality which is generally difficult with pork meat as raw material: the chemical composition, pH-value and the meat´s morphology vary strongly. This diversity causes differing receptivity and retention of additives as salt, nitrite, sodium ascorbate, sugars and starter cultures in each single raw ham. Innovative and flexible forms as well as high sensory qualities can be realized by well adopted curing technology.

Eckhard Karthaus, Scheid AG & Co KG, Überherrn/Saar, Germany

Technology and Trends in Bacon Production

In recent years, one of the largest growing markets for meat products is the bacon market. The presentation will describe the processing steps in bacon production, their variants and determining factors, and point out possibilities for product development and innovation taking into account processing conditions, ingredients and current trends.

Dr. Tomas Bolumar, Institute of Safety and Quality of Meat, Kulmbach, Germany