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Learn more about our wide range of customized line and automation solutions as well as industry-specific concepts that equip you for emerging market demands. Cheese, sausage & deli, vegan or convenience products. From weight-accurate slicing to precise inserting and packaging. Discover our innovative solutions for the food sector.

From Breidenbach into the world.

A successful family run company for more than 40 years.

On January 2nd, 1981, Günther Weber founded the company Weber Fleischereitechnik GmbH in Breidenbach, Germany. With innovative strength and know-how, we have been setting new standards in the development of line solutions in the cold cuts sector ever since. Tobias Weber, son of the founder, has been managing the company in the second generation since 2018.


Achieving the optimum of your production line together.

High-tech alone does not ensure smooth production. Only intelligent solutions beyond the machines make a really good line complete. That is something that we know at Weber: technology unfolds its full benefit only in interaction with intelligent services and accompanying programs. 

From one piece to the sliced product into the packaging.

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