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wePACK 7000

wePACK 7000
Product details
  • Safe, sustainable, powerful
  • Possible applications: MAP, vacuum, skin, folded or multi-layered pack
  • Can be fully integrated in to Weber line solutions


For anyone who wants to package sliced products, piece goods, or other fresh food products safely and sustainably at the highest performance level, the wePACK 7000 is the perfect choice. The Weber thermoforming packaging machine sets standards in output and quality, and is particularly energy-efficient thanks to the use of modern servo technology. The servo-drive technology allows for complete control of the entire cycle, ensuring absolute process reliability and the shortest cycle time possible.

  • The lifting system with servo drive has been designed to meet the particular needs of the food industry with unmatched speed for maximum output and featuring a robust, hygienic design with 100% stainless steel.
  • The cross punches run slower in closed-loop operation at start and end cycles in order to minimize wear.
  • Camera-supported checking of the actually stretched top film roll against the stored recipe data to avoid the loss of film and product, and increase production reliability
  • Web edge control of bottom film unwinding: film deviations can be corrected smoothly and accurately by detecting the tendency of lane position deviations
  • Integrated cut for peel corners
  • Quick-change roller shear cutting system: automatic adjustment of the ideal contact pressure to reduce downtimes
  • Integration of Weber PaperTech technology for optimized processing of fiber-based films
  • Continuous data flow across the entire line including standardized operatingsystem

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