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Our slicer product range

Precise slicing results are our top priority. That is why we continue to set new standards in the food processing industry with our slicers. Soft mild cheese or hard raw ham – with us you will find the optimum slicer for every product and every requirement.

weSLICE 9500
Maximum aspiration, maximum solution
weSLICE 9500

Individualized production lines need intelligent solutions that meet all requirements. The Slicer weSLICE 9500 from Weber is an absolute high-performance system. With an exclusively manufactured blade head, the Slicer weSLICE 9500 delivers the highest slicing quality even for demanding or extremely hard products. Perfectly sliced, perfectly aligned. Its four lane independent interleaver, unique on the market, performs precision work in combination with drives that are also lane-related: completely individual guidance to the slicing edge, completion of incomplete portions as required, maximum utilization of the product throat width, highest yield thanks to vacuum gripper technology. This is the premium class of slicer solutions.

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Slicer 905

The Weber Slicer 905 combines innovative slicing technology with versatility, efficiency and ease of operation. The extremely wide cutting throat and a speed of up to 2000 slices per minute allows even higher…

Slicer TS700

The combination of large product throughput and very short reloading time make the TEXTOR Slicer TS700 a powerful and optimal solution for a wide range of products and applications.

Gentle slicing of the product…

Slicer TS750

Application optimized, compact, powerful:

The TEXTOR Slicer TS750 is specialized on the processing of short products such as bacon or ham.

In contrast to conventional slicers, the TS750 does not convey the…

Slicer 804

Weber Slicer 804 is among the most efficient systems in its class. The involute blade system cuts products up to 1,700 mm in length at a maximum speed of 2,000 slices per minute. The automatic central operation…

Slicer 702

Short loading times characterize the Weber Slicer 702. It masters the special challenges when slicing short products with short cycle times and an endless product flow. The involute blade system reaches…

Slicer TS500

Good output when slicing the product gently at the same time - a task that the TEXTOR Slicer TS500 easily masters with its combination of circular blade technology, large product passage and very short reloading…

Slicer 604

An idle cut blade head with automatic cutting gap adjustment ensures that the Weber Slicer 604 has a high yield with minimum giveaway. The product throat can be adjusted automatically in height and width, and the…

weSLICE 4000/4500

The weSLICE 4000 models are the perfect solution for full-range suppliers. At an average output, it offers maximum flexibility for many small-batch applications – all on a very modest footprint. Depending on the…

Slicer 305

The Weber Slicer 305 is the entry-level model for high-tech slicing technology. It is easy to operate, it is simple to change products, and both slicing edge and slicing stop can be adjusted to the product width.…