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weDIVIDE 7000

weDIVIDE 7000
Product details
  • Divides Euro & cheddar blocks as well as round blocks
  • Horizontal and vertical division possible
  • Optional knife or wire division


The Weber cheese block divider weDIVIDE 7000 is the perfect start for a highly productive and highly automated line. Fully integrated or as a stand-alone, the weDIVIDE divides Euro or cheddar blocks as well as round blocks and prepares them for further processing to achieve the highest yield possible - while reducing personnel. If required, the blocks can be line balanced on the cut surface. To be able to implement any line balancing, the cheese blocks are positioned precisely. For products that do not need to be divided, the weDIVIDE offers a pass-through function.

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  • Can be set up in line or with left or right line balancing
  • Line-leveling to reduce empty spaces/empty packs in the downstream process
  • Cutting frame can be moved vertically and horizontally for precise center division
  • Coded cutting frames and plungers to avoid crashes
  • Integrated storage for cutting frame and pusher
  • Trimming possible
  • Wire break monitoring
  • Integrated manual loading
  • Tool-free conversion to various division conditions
  • Tool-free cleaning preparation
  • Weber hygiene design
  • Seamless integration into Weber line control with Weber OneControl
  • Optional: interface for automated block feeding
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