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weSCAN 7000/7500

weSCAN 7000/7500
Product details
  • Precise determination of density and weight
  • Maximum yield
  • Simple to operate


With the Weber weSCAN 7000 series X-ray scanners, product density and weight can be precisely determined in order to achieve the best possible use of raw materials and thus achieve maximum yield. The use of an X-ray scanner is essential for economic production, especially for applications for cheese with eyes and products with large differences in density. Thanks to design optimization, the weSCAN 7000 series models, much higher hygienic conditions can be implemented, and they are much more user-friendly than their predecessors. The operation is carried out via the operating terminal on the slicer, which ensures optimal accessibility to the slicer. The system features a two-stage safety guarding for its radiation source.

In addition to standard thickness detection via the product length, real grading is also possible by using Weber's unique Dual Energy Technology. Moreover, the integrated foreign object detection does not only serve for production safety but also machine protection of downstream line components.


  • Particularly suitable for cheese with eyes applications
  • Up to six products in one scan cycle
  • Minimizes setup and downtimes through improved ergonomics and operating friendliness
  • Easy to clean and hygienic thanks to reduced flaps and covers
  • Foreign objects detection: stainless steel > Ø = 3 mm, glass/ceramic> Ø = 8 mm (product-dependent)