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Slicer S6

Weber Maschinenbau sets a new standard in the food processing industry with its high-performance Slicer S6. With maximum performance, unique quality, precision and efficiency, the S6 delivers unmatched slicing...

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Slicer 905

The Weber Slicer 905 combines innovative slicing technology with versatility, efficiency and ease of operation. The extremely wide cutting throat and blade speeds of up to 2000 rpm allows the industry’s highest...

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Slicer 804

Weber Slicer 804 is among the most efficient systems in its class. The involute blade system cuts products up to 1,700 mm in length at a maximum speed of 2,000 slices per minute. The automatic central operation...

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Slicer 702

Short loading times are a key feature of the Weber Slicer 702. It masters the special challenges when slicing short products with short cycle times and an endless product flow. The involute blade system reaches...
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Slicer 604

An idle cut blade head with automatic cutting gap adjustment ensures that the Weber Slicer 604 has a high yield with minimum giveaway. The product throat can be adjusted automatically in height and width, and the...

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Slicer 405

The wide product throat in Weber Slicer 405 guarantees a high output, and the shear bar and side limit stop can be configured individually for the product width. Product change is manual and rapid, even with short...
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Slicer 305

The Weber Slicer 305 is the entry-level model for state-of-the-art slicing technology. Thanks to the intuitive Weber Power Control, Slicer 305 is easy to operate. The programmable touch screen assures rapid product...

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TS500 Slicer

Slicer TS500 TEXTOR Logo

The TEXTOR slicer TS500 is simple to operate and easy to clean - simply SMART & EASY

The TEXTOR TS500 circular blade slicer combines a new open design with innovative slicer functions.

The circular blade technology...

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TS700 Slicer

Slicer TS700 TEXTOR Logo

The TEXTOR Slicer TS700 is simple to operate and easy to clean - simply SMART & EASY

Capable of delivering high volumes of perfect meat and cheese slices in a wide variety of on-weight presentations, the TS700 is as...

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TS750 Slicer

Slicer TS750 TEXTOR Logo

Dedicated – compact – powerfull – TS750

The TEXTOR Involute Blade Slicer TS750 is a dedicated high speed slicer for short products such as bacon, gammon steaks or cured ham – simply SMART & EASY. Different to other...

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