Slicer TS500

  • TS500 Slicer

Product Detail

  • Slicing Excellence by Textor


  • Circular blade

  • Involute blade (not available for this product)

  • Weber Hygiene Design

  • Variogripper (available as option)

  • Interleaver (available as option)

  • Automatic loading

  • Manual loading (available as option)


The TEXTOR slicer TS500 is simple to operate and easy to clean - simply SMART & EASY

The TEXTOR TS500 circular blade slicer combines a new open design with innovative slicer functions.

The circular blade technology - with optional idle cutting - paired with high product throughput and very short reloading times allows slicing that is easy on the product while also ensuring a high output performance. This is combined with a unique, fully open design concept that sets new standards for equipment dimensions, accessibility, maintenance friendliness and hygiene.


TEXTOR is a subsidiary of Weber and redefines slicing technology, impressively demonstrating that less can often be more. Our slicers for sausage, ham, bacon and cheese combine excellent quality and meticulous workmanship with functional equipment reduced to the essentials. They impress with excellent performance, simple operating concepts and an innovative, open frame design.


  • Stacked

  • Staggered Stack

  • Stacked with interleave

  • Shingled stack

  • Shingled

  • Shingled with interleave

  • Cross shingled/interweaved

  • Multishingled/forward reverse shingled

  • Endless shingled

  • Pieces

  • Shaved Meat

  • Folded

  • Round shingle (party tray)

  • Oval shingle (party tray)

  • Portion Designer

  • Overlapped one variant/mixed

  • Multiple overlaps - one product/mixed

Technical data

Product throat height (mm)


Product throat width (mm)


Product length (mm)

1200, 1600, 1850

Slicing system

Circular blade system

Loading (automatic/manual)


Involute blade size

Circular Blade: D420 - D470

Involute blade cutting speed (rpm)

600 - 750

Product Detail

  • Slicing Excellence by Textor

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