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Fully automatic and highly efficient.

Flexible Weber line solution for versatile cheese applications.

Raclette cheese, Emmental, Appenzeller, Gruyère, each portioned out and presented differently – no problem at all for a Weber line! Our customer needed a flexible solution for processing versatile cheese applications. This goal was achieved with a line solution consisting of: 

Picker ensures the required line output of up to 200 packs per minute, depending on the application.

Particular highlight: the double-pick robot with a double portion gripper.

The Weber weSCAN 7000 X-ray scanner ensures a maximum yield during further processing, thanks to its ability to precisely determine density and weight, in particular for perforated cheese applications. Using the Vario gripper in the Weber weSLICE 9500, each product is guided to the blade on a track-by-track basis – up to 2,000 rpm. As a result, end pieces are extremely short despite the inconsistent density of the product blocks, thereby minimizing give-away. In addition to the four-track high-performance slicer, the wePICK 7220 twin picker ensures the excellent performance of this line. The integrated double portion gripper efficiently and carefully places two portions into the packaging at the same time, even if the product was unevenly arranged beforehand. Thanks to its hygienic design and a high level of automation, the Weber wePACK 7000 guarantees maximum food safety. The QR code scanner integrated within the wePACK 7000 also ensures that each product is always packaged with the right top foil – a particularly practical function included within the wide range of application options for this line. The compact weSORT 3000 belt separator then merges the four packing lanes onto one track to ensure optimal further processing in the customer’s production halls. 

The perfect integration of all components makes the line a real all-round solution when it comes to processing cheese efficiently. Thanks to the particularly flexible design, our customer only requires one single line to slice, transport, and package the wide range of products with maximum efficiency. 


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