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High-performance processing of bacon thanks to Weber line solution.

Bacon for the British retail market in 300 gram packages.

Bacon for the British retail market in 300 gram packages with a line output of 96 portions per minute —those were the requirements of our Denmark-based customer. Also, the shoulder section of the bacon slabs needed to be sorted out as lower-quality portions to be packaged and sold separately. 

Highly efficient, high-performing and completely automated.

The perfect interconnection of all line components lets them merge into one unit and form a perfect team for processing bacon.

Perfect preparation is the key to maximum yield: The Weber forming press wePRESS 5000 gives the bacon its ideal shape for further processing. It can precisely press up to ten products per minute. The activity-controlled pressing force and the precise positioning of the axes to a tenth of a millimeter guarantees perfectly formed bacon every time. This reduces loss during the cutting process and increases yield to a maximum level. Especially in combination with the powerful Weber Slicer TS700, equipped with a Durablade high-performance blade, application-optimized product holders and product-guiding tension rollers just ahead of the shear bar, the product is sliced very efficiently and always to the exact weight.

The automatic infeeder weLOAD 7500 transports the individual portions horizontally, which is particularly gentle on the product. The integrated buffer zone balances out possible reloading times of the slicer and ensures optimized portion flow to the Weber wePACK 7000. The integrated twist compensation corrects any inconsistent positioning of the product. After this, the product is perfectly packaged in our thermoforming packaging machine. The cross punches with servo drive reduce running operating costs thanks to their energy efficiency and at the same time provide higher output. The packaging machine is also equipped with the Weber weMARK 3000—the fastest traversing unit for continuous ink jet print heads on the market. The total line performance is perfectly rounded out by the separating robot weSORT 5000: any empty or bad packages are automatically sorted out.

The special feature of the line.

Automatic separation of the shoulder section as B-grade product.

A sensor in the Weber wePRESS recognizes the shoulder section of the bacon. Thanks to the seamless integration of press and slicer, it ejects the fattier portions from the shoulder cut as B-grade product based on information from the wePRESS.

This allows our customer to automatically sort the product into two quality levels and sell them separately— nothing is wasted. 


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